Brad Callen

Brad Callen is a successful self-taught Internet marketer who has been milking the Internet for big money since early 2000s. He is also popular for his link building software and Internet marketing packages that he sells online.

Brad got started on Internet marketing while working for an IT company, Batesville Casket Company. While working there, he had a lot of spare time, which he used for surfing the Internet. He learned about the different money-making opportunities online, and decided to try them. The first one he got his hands on was an eBay marketing eBook. He setup an eBay store and started buying stuff at a lower cost and selling them on eBay for some profits. He earned about a couple of hundred dollars a week from his eBay business, but thought it was too much work, so he totally abandoned the idea.

While meddling with some eBooks, Brad realized that eBook creators earn a lot of money with little work. He then created an eBook in the weight loss niche. This is not being sold anymore, but it did earn Brad big money while it was online.

The eBook pushed Brad to learn a lot about SEO and Internet marketing. He studied different ways to build links and push his website up the SERPs for some of the toughest keywords including weight loss and lose weight. He had the chance to work with some of the best people in the SEO industry while promoting this eBook, and in just a short time, became one of the most trusted names in the field.

Brad has shifted his business to SEO tools and products, which he sells under his company, Bryxen Software. He has released a number of successful products including Article Submitter Gold, Article Submitter Platinum, Affiliate Elite, SEO Elite, SEOLinkVine, and his most recent release, SEO Link Monster.


SEO Elite by Brad Callen
(6 votes)
SEO Elite is a software program, designed to help you improve the rankings of your website on search engine results page. So when someone enters a specific word or sentence in Google or Yahoo, they will find your site on top of the results page. This will bring you more traffic which will result in more sales. Brad Callen, the author of this software program, wanted to make a tool for everyone...
Keyword Elite by Brad Callen from Bryxen Software
(10 votes)
Keyword Elite is a new product from Brad Callen. It's a powerful keyword research software tool that will help you quickly generate huge keyword lists to use in your AdWords campaigns or in your SEO efforts. But Keyword Elite will do much more than just generate thousands of keywords... Every pay-per-click marketer wants to know what his competitors are doing. If you knew their keywords and...
Affiliate Elite by Brad Callen
(37 votes)
Affiliate Elite is a new affiliate tool by Brad Callen. The main thing that the Affiliate Elite will enable you to do is gather data about your competitors (both current and future ones), about products that you’re considering promoting and about other affiliates that are already promoting a certain product. With Affiliate Elite you’ll be able to find the exact keywords that your...
Article Submitter Gold by Brad Callen
(21 votes)
Writing and publishing articles is quickly becoming the most popular way of promoting a website. The main reason for this is not that people will read your articles and then click on your link, but because search engines love one way links to your site. And they especially like links from pages with relevant content. And that’s exactly what you get when you publish your article – you control the...
(46 votes)
Article Submitter Platinum is a new and upgraded version of Brad Callen's Article Submitter Gold. Where the gold version of Article Submitter let you partially automate a submission process, Article Submitter Platinum goes all the way. What that means is that you simply choose all the article directories you want to submit your article to, click on a button and you're done. Article Submitter...
Press Release Fire by Brad Callen
(5 votes)
Do you want to drive tons of traffic to your web site? Are you looking for ways to generate instant publicity? If so, then Press Release Fire is just the tool you need. For any online business to succeed, targeted traffic is essential. There's no better way to attract buyers to your sites than a professionally created, enticing press release. Press Release Fire will provide you with exactly that...
PPC Web Spy by Brad Callen
(4 votes)
PPC Web Spy is an application that will tell you about the keywords that your competition is using. You will learn what keywords they are using as well as what their cost per click for each keyword is, what the rank of each keyword is, how much money they are spending daily on AdWord campaigns and more. Plus, you'll learn the addresses of landing pages that these ad campaigns point to without...
(4 votes)
Get access to useful search engine optimization (SEO) information, tools and training in Search Engine Marketing Elite. With this membership web site, you'll learn tips, tricks and techniques to get your web sites to the top of search engines like Google. When you join Search Engine Marketing Elite, you'll receive more than 40 hours of in- depth SEO training videos. You'll also get 24/7 access to...
Niche Finder by Brad Callen
(12 votes)
Niche Finder is a new niche marketing software developed by Brad Callen. With the help of this tool, you can easily and quickly discover hidden, untapped niches and profitable keywords in a matter of seconds. Unlike other Internet marketing software programs, Niche Finder focuses on only the things that you need to know to find the keywords that are guaranteed to get you traffic, increase your...
SEOLinkVine by Brad Callen
(5 votes)
Do you want to increase your backlinks and free traffic, get top search engine rankings, and boost your sales and profits? Brad Callen's SEOLinkVine could help you achieve your online marketing goals. This link building and SEO service was designed to give you more backlinks, high rankings, more traffic, and more money. SEOLinkVine has been proven to work and to deliver results by a lot of...
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