Adam Horwitz

Adam Horwitz is a computer techie, young entrepreneur, and mobile advertising expert who is known online for his numerous business strategies, marketing techniques, and IM courses. His primary niche is mobile marketing, which is quite a smart choice, since the market is less saturated and there are more opportunities for growth. Some of his most popular products to date are Mobile Monopoly, Dude I Hate My Job, Local Mobile Monopoly, and Cell Phone Treasure.

Accoding to Adam, he was never an A-grade student in school. He was pretty average back then, and there were even times when he became a problem to his teachers. However, even while in school, he has always shown interest in entrepreneurship. In fact, one of his former teachers told his mom that she always knew he’d be into business.

Adam started making money online at the age of 18. Now, he earns more money than people who are much older than him. Plus, he is able to work in the comfort of his home, whenever he wants. He has already been featured on IncomeDiary, JuniorBiz, and a lot other articles about young entrepreneurs.

Adam became popular for his video courses on affiliate marketing. Most of his products gain the support of the IM community, because they are effective and innovative.  He discusses a lot of techniques that he has proven effective in his career, including blogging.

Another unique feature of Adam’s products is that they target the younger crowd. He wants to help young people like him start dreaming big for themselves, and not to settle for fast food jobs that pay them less than what they deserve. Also, he believes that being the fun and laidback dude he is, he’d have better connection with teenagers and those in their early 20s.

These days, Adam spends his time promoting his latest service, YepText, which is a text messaging ad sevice.


Cell Phone Treasure by Adam Horwitz
(13 votes)
Cell Phone Treasure will teach you about a revolutionary business opportunity that few people know about. Cell phone marketing is a rapidly growing market, and this upward trend is going to continue into the future. By taking advantage of this opportunity, you can earn a six-figure income online!  Cell Phone Treasure is not about selling used phones on eBay. It will teach you all about...
Dude I Hate My Job by Adam Horwitz
(3 votes)
Do you have a passion for blogging? Do you wish you can make money from your blogs? Discover how you can turn your hobby and passion into a money-making venture in Dude I Hate My Job - a course by Adam Horwitz. Through this course, you will discover how the author makes his fortune from blogging and how you can do it too. Dude I Hate My Job will teach you how to brand yourself online and profit...
Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz
(5 votes)
Discover the completely untapped market that can pull in thousands of eager buyers and help you make money online in Adam Horwitz's Mobile Monopoly. Through this course, you will learn that you don't need websites, special skills, experience, blogs, domain names, articles, or a list to make money online. "Going mobile" is indeed the fastest and easiest way to earn profits. The...
Local Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz
(4 votes)
Local Mobile Monopoly by Adam Horwitz is the next big thing in marketing. With this system you do not need a website, a market, or your own product. It works with any kind of business, which makes it more flexible than Internet marketing. To add to that, since mobile marketing is a lot younger than Internet marketing, there is a lot less competition to worry about. One of the highlights of Local...
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