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by Amir Rimer,

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Amir Rimer's Flip Course is an eight-week training course designed to help you make profits by selling private label websites. Whether you are a complete novice to selling websites, new to using computers to make money, or even a complete beginner to the Internet, this training course will lead you through ever detail.

The author explains that selling websites is the hottest niche on the Internet. You can earn huge profits by investing almost nothing. In order to be successful at flipping websites, you must be willing to learn everything that is being taught, have a burning desire to be successful, and have the patience to see results.

After purchasing Amir Rimer's Flip Course, you will receive a link to a private page containing lessons for eight weeks. The lessons will be in the form of step-by-step videos in which Amir Rimer demonstrates the basics of creating websites. In addition, you will be in touch with Amir Rimer through personal emails and instant messages.

Once you have learned everything, you will need only two hours to build a website from scratch and be ready to sell it on the market.

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Amir is an amazing guru!
posted this review on June 13, 2014

I’ve met a lot of great people in Internet marketing forums, and other online business sites. One of the most fantastic people I’ve met is Amir. I got his course because it got so many fantastic reviews in one of the websites that I joined. So many people there have tried using his Flip Course, and they all got amazing results from it. That’s why I decided to go and check out his course too. I am glad with what I got from this because he did not only support me through the course, he also supported me through email. I’ve sent him so many emails asking stuff about flipping. His responses were always so helpful. The quality of the videos is amazing! I have tested a lot other courses like this one, but most others have mediocre quality. This is the only one that has amazing quality, not just in the information it contains, but the presentation as well. It’s really something that you will enjoy watching and learning from. Flip Course has taught me so many things that I didn’t learn from all other courses that I’ve tried. It may just be 8 weeks, but it has already taught me so much about flipping, and it has made so much change in my business! Amir is definitely my master when it comes to flipping and I owe so much to him.

The course is step-by-step
Mark Cornell (from Prospect, USA) posted this review on April 22, 2013

The course is step-by-step. It’s easy to follow because you won’t be missing anything. There is no guesswork involved. I’ve been wanting to setup an online business before, and then I saw Flippa, and I decided to try it because it seems so easy, and so profitable. I got started with Flippa 2 months ago, and was barely making money, and then I found this, and this week’s earnings have been great! I was doing everything wrong before, and that was the reason why I wasn’t making any money. Amir’s course taught me how to do everything correctly and earn a lot from this website. I’ve already earned back so much more than what I spent for this course.

More than a thousand dollars the first month
posted this review on October 9, 2012

I honestly didn’t expect to make so much money selling websites, but I decided to give it a try because one of my friends has tried it once, and he said he made like $500 from it in one month, so I said I’d learn it and see what happens. After watching the entire course, I got totally excited and got started with my business. I earned more than a thousand dollars the first month, and my friend who told me about this earning opportunity was shocked that I earned even more than he did. Right now, he’s going through this course too hoping that he’ll earn as much as I do consistently. The techniques in this course sure  are priceless.


Powerful and Simple Step-by-Step Course

Amir has put together a powerful step by step course that can help anyone get into the game of website flipping. Great work!
I wholeheartedly endorse Amir’s work here and know that ANYONE can use this course to profit from this simple business model.

Jim Cockrum

I am a professional site flipper now!!

To be honest, this is the best site flipping course I've taken so far. Amir's course took me by the hand step by step from start to finish getting my site up and running and listed in just a few days.
I have bought so many site flipping courses in the past but none of them come close to Amir's course. Moreover, Amir's support is second to none.
I remember when I built my first site and had a problem because my image did not show up after I uploaded the site to my server. I sent him an email (it was about 1.00 am in Israel) He got back to me immediately and stayed with me throughout the night (4 hrs.) until I fixed my problem.
I'm so impress with his dedication to his students. I can't believe that someone will do that. He is so kind, patient and professional.
I never regret to take his course. I sold my first site in my life for $125. That's so awesome for an average guy who is technically challenged like myself.
When I tell my friends that I flip sites for a living. They can't believe it!! Thanks to Amir for changing my life. I never imagined that I can be a professional site flipper right now.

Joe McConnell
British Columbia, Canada

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