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by Peter Yoon,

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Affiliate Profit is a testing and tracking tool that will help you get the most out of your Adwords campaigns. Working with Affiliate Prophet is easy - all you need to do is copy and paste a code on your website. From then on, the system almost works by itself. The Affiliate Profit has 6 main modules:

1. AIDA Formula Tracker

Identifies and predicts the profitability of your keywords and landing pages.

2. Quick Affiliate Tracker

Enables you to track which keywords lead to conversions by dynamically inserting a tracking ID on your landing pages.

3. Easy Split-Tester

Help you split-test up to 3 pages of the time. You can test different headlines, graphics, price, background color, etc.

4. Affiliate Spy

You can compare up to 3 different affiliate programs to see which one is the most profitable. Enables you to point your affiliate links to any page that you want (you can, for example, skip squeeze pages and point your affiliate links straight to the sales letter).

5. Dynamic Landing Page Creator

Enables you to dynamically insert keyword-phrases into your landing page. This has 2 benefits: it increases your conversions because people feel that the page is more relevant to their search term and boosts your Google Adwords quality score.

6. Profit-Guaranteed Keyword Finder

Identifies the keywords that are making you money and enables you to filter out unprofitable keywords. Easy to use with green and red light indicator that helps you to simply drop the red keywords and focus on the green ones. Tracks even Adwords Content Network to the level of specific keywords.

All in all, the Affiliate Prophet is a great tool for working with Adwords campaigns. It has several advantages over Google Analytics, making it possible for you to quickly optimize your campaigns and giving you an edge over your PPC competition.

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A must need for an affiliate marketer
On-Site Review

I am working with Affiliate Prophet every day. Peter has done a very great job with all the features and the easy to use interface. One of my favorite feature is AIDA split testing. You can setup this test in just a few minutes and it can boost your sales 200%. For a affiliate marketer this software really is a must need to create successful campaigns.

Steffen Dietz

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