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Affiliate Promo Formula is an affiliate marketing course and system created by John Thornhill - a factory worker turned super affiliate earning hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. This course reveals a simple formula or method that anyone can follow to start making cash from affiliate sales.

If you're looking to start your online or affiliate marketing business, Affiliate Promo Formula will show you the key strategies that will help your business explode. It will teach you the basics and the benefits of affiliate marketing. It will also show you exactly what you need to do when promoting a product, how to receive any product for free, how to stand out from other affiliates, the "despair and joy method," and much more.

With this system, you don't need a mailing list to get started. You don't need to have technical knowledge. You can apply the formula as often as you want. If you use this system, you will start winning JV competitions and start making more money while working less.

Affiliate Promo Formula includes all the info and tools that you need to achieve success as an affiliate marketer. It contains 15 powerful training modules, a PDF report, a PDF Mindmap, and a worksheet. This course also includes training videos, detailed checklists, and lots of tips, tricks, and techniques.

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I cannot recommend Affiliate Promo Formula enough...
On-Site Review

I can vouch 1000% for Affiliate Promo Formula. I know it works because I have been the recipient of some SERIOUS cash from the promotion of ALL of my products.

The one that sticks out the most though is my last launch of ClickBank Stealth where I turned in $24,000 in just 6 days.

The best part is, you owned the affiliate contest from day one, generating almost $5000 in commissions from just a couple of emails.

For anyone looking to follow a PROVEN system to make massive income promoting other people's products, I cannot recommend Affiliate Promo Formula enough.

Go get it, and start banking the income you deserve online.

Ray Johnson

You will make SERIOUS amounts of money...
On-Site Review

John Thornhill is in the top 1% of super affiliates online, plain and simple. When John agrees to promote your product you can start celebrating because he drives bucket loads of sales every time with his proprietary affiliate marketing system that sees him out-punching even some of the big name gurus out there.

I've taken a sneak peek behind the curtain into John's tactics and I can say with confidence that if you follow his affiliate system - you will make SERIOUS amounts of money. He makes it easy to follow, simple to copy and his track record in being the #1 affiliate for countless product launches speaks for itself. IF John ever offers to reveal to you his affiliate marketing secrets - seize the opportunity, no matter what it takes - your bank account will thank you!

Michael Cheney

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