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Click bombing and click fraud are two of the worst problems a lot of online marketers and website owners who use Adsense encounter. If you are one of them, a tool like Adsense Defender can be the solution to your problem. With this software, you can protect your websites and safeguard your Adsense account against invalid click fraud and click bombing attacks.

Adsense Defender come with powerful features yet it is easy to use. This tool can do a lot of things for you. It can monitor all traffic to your website and analyze the visitor pattern to determine threats, display an alternative ad from Amazon if you don't want to hide the Adsense block, blacklist or whitelist specific traffic sources, allow IP blocking from an individual IP address, block bad user agent, block ads from displaying to visitors from specific countries, and more.

With Adsense Defender self-hosted version, you will have complete control and privacy. It is fully optimized for the Clickbump engine, supports HTML and PHP pages, works well with Wordpress, and performs ad split testing. It will also provide you with detailed and in-depth reporting so you can see and keep track of what's happening on your sites. With this tool, you can take control over your online business.

When you download Adsense Defender, you will receive top-notch Internet marketing community support, as well as advanced Adsense marketing strategies. You will also get access to free forum for software updates, software modification requests, the Click Bombing Offenders IP list, and emergency support direct response.

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This is a very useful IM tool for me
Mags C. (from Trion, USA) posted this review on August 30, 2013

Adsense Defender is very useful for me. I think it’s definitely worth the money I spent for it considering everything I lost because of click bombing. Adsense Defender has a lot of features that I all find helpful. There are so many internet marketing tools out there but very few are effective and feature-packed when it comes to security, and I think that is the most important if you want to protect all of your hard work. Adsense Defender does its job and it’s got some extra features so I’m giving it a higher rating than I normally do satisfactory products. I hope I find more internet tools that are as effective as this one.

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