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Discover a simple solution to get rid of acne fast in Acne X Factor. This system reveals the truth about acne and the common treatments methods most acne sufferers use as well as the secrets to having clear skin. With the help of this step-by-step system, you can stop your body from making acne.

The Acne X Factor system is gentle on your skin. To get rid of acne, you just have to follow simple techniques that take a few minutes each day and don't require drugs. This system will show you a simple once-daily cleansing regimen that can make your skin soft, a technique to erase zits in minutes, a test to determine if you should quit using acne products, a sweet treat that will stop pimple breakouts and the truth about the effect of marijuana on your skin.

With Acne X Factor, you'll also learn how playing video games can make your acne vanish, why washing your face less and shaving properly can help you get rid of acne, why yoga and Tai Chi sometimes make acne worse and much more.

Acne X Factor is your inexpensive and effective ticket to acne-free skin you'll be proud to show off! 

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I'm enjoying great glowing skin now
posted this review on June 3, 2014

I suffered from acne my entire teenage life, and the only consolation I got from dermatologists was that it was gonna go away once my hormones get in balance. I really expected that to happen, so I was disappointed when it refused to go away. I’m already 25 years old now, and I still get acne. There were times when I got breakouts so bad, I filed for leave at work. I didn’t want people to see me with my swollen red face filled with bumps and pus. Good thing I found Acne X Factor. As they say, better late than never. When I got this I got started with the anti-acne regime right away. It’s all naturel and it affects all aspects of your life. Having acne is not just about hygiene. I had impeccable hygiene before, but never got the bumps to go away. With the holistic approach of Acne X Factor, I didn’t only get rid of the lumps and bumps, I also got smoother skin in general. My skin’s like glowing. One of our company nurses even asked me if I was on birth control pills because she says it’s like I’m glowing from the inside. There are still some scars, and I know it will take much longer before they completely go away, but I’m happy with the way I look now. I don’t wear much makeup anymore, just powder and lipstick, unlike before when I had to use heavy foundation to hide the lumps and pus on my face. I still get breakouts occasionally during the time of the month, but nothing serious, and I just use the techniques here to get rid of them. I’ve already accepted that I’m not gifted with clear and smooth skin, but at least now, I can do something about it.

Safe and so effective
Kyle Hipswich (from Quitman, USA) posted this review on April 28, 2014

I used to have pimples when I was in high school and I was the target of bullying for a couple of years because of them. I was really miserable then because it was like the more I tried to look good, the worse my pimples became. I tried so many products, even those that are formulated for women. I went to a dermatologist and I was told that it’s a normal part of the transition to adolescence, and I hated every minute of it. The pimples just went away on their own when I got into the university. However, just recently, they came back with a vengeance. I had pimples growing all over my face and back. I tried so many anti-pimple products again, and consulted the dermatologist too, but I didn’t get any good results. I kept researching online until I finally found Acne X Factor, and gave it a shot. I don’t really like getting stuff from the Internet because it seems like a waste of money, but I was really desperate and I badly needed to get rid of my acne. Good thing I gave this a chance because now, my face has become smoother again, and my bacne is also thinning out. Before it seemed like I had another layer of skin because of the acne. One more thing that I like about this cure is that everything is natural, the needed ingredients and materials are readily available and very cheap. I strongly recommend this for teens who have acne problems. This is probably the safest and most effective acne cure in the planet.

I'm now just getting rid of my scars
posted this review on April 7, 2013

The acne I got as a teenager didn’t go away. At 24 years old, I still had them all over my face. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong until I got Acne X Factor. I’ve also tried a lot of products and techniques to get rid of acne, but only Acne X Factor’s methods worked for me. Right now, I’m working hard to get rid of the scars. It will be difficult to get rid of the pock marks but I’m still hoping it’s possible.

Works safely for teenage skin
Donna Gauvel (from Beltsville, USA) posted this review on September 12, 2012

I never had acne all my life. I’d get a few pimples now and then, but that’s all. I didn’t have a reddish face filled with acne marks and budding pus-filled pimples and cysts like other people. The problem is that my daughter seemed to have inherited her father’s genetic makeup, and started having acne when she turned 15. I felt really sorry for her because you know that’s the time when women want to be their most beautiful. Anyway, I went to the dermatologist, and we were told that’s it’s a normal part of being a teenager, and it’s gonna go away in time. My daughter would not listen and she still insisted on buying those OTC acne meds and those acne remedies from the beauty section. I was worried she’d damage her skin even more, so I did my own research. I read this book and I was right about thinking negatively about her benzoyl peroxides and cleansing sets, and peeling solutions. I was horrified at the negative effects, so I put my daughter on this acne program right away. Her skin cleared in just about a week. She’d get breakouts before her period, but they’re nowhere near the scary acne she used to have. They’re just a couple of pimples every now and then. it does take time for all the scars to fade, but I forbade her from using any more peeling solutions because of the fact that they might cause skin cancer.

If you got teenagers at home who are dying to have their acne problem solved, buy this!

My acne was gone in a week
posted this review on August 7, 2012

My acne never went away even if I’m not a teenager anymore. It’s so unfair having to live with acne all my life while other people enjoy great skin. My mother said it runs in the family, since she lost acne when she was well into her thirties, unlike most people who stop having it as soon as they hit 20. My older sister also suffered from acne, but not as bad as mine.

This book is the only one that helped me have clear skin. It explained the misconceptions about acne, and the suggested regimen in the book is very easy and effective. I know there are a lot of other facial cleansers that claim to get rid of acne, and I’ve tried some of them, but I stopped because I read about some of them causing cancer. This one is a safe and natural way to get rid of acne, so I’m confident in it. My acne was gone after just a week of using this treatment. I highly recommend it!

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