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7 Seconds To Pain Relief is a comprehensive guide containing the experience and knowledge of Roy Palmer MSTAT NDT(INPP) regarding the proven, safe, and easy solution for chronic pain. If you're tired of suffering from shoulder, back, and neck pain, then this resource is perfect for you.

Inside 7 Seconds To Pain Relief, you will discover how you can get lasting relief from pain in just 7 seconds without doing boring, repetitive exercises and spending money on expensive medications. This guide will teach you the causes of the pain in your neck, shoulders, and back, and how to treat these causes, not just the symptoms. It will show you simple yet powerful techniques to use your body as nature intended so you can reduce, or even eliminate, the pain that you are feeling.

Together with the 7 Seconds To Pain Relief guide, you will also gain access to 10 quick-to-watch videos, showing you what to do for pain relief. You will receive easy-to-follow instructions so you will know exactly what to do. It also includes 4-week follow-up and advanced program to help you be free from pain and live life to the fullest. Use the techniques from this guide, and transform your life!

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I was cured in a couple of days
posted this review on November 11, 2013

I’m glad that this book doesn’t contain pure and utter BS about stress and being overworked. I used to have back, shoulder, and neck pains. It was chronic so I’ve worked with many doctors to get rid of it. Most of them kept telling me that it was just fatigue or stress. At first I believed that it was stress because I was really busy with my job back then. But after I resigned, the new doctor I worked with said it was boredom that was causing me to feel all sorts of inexistent pains. That’s when I smelled something rotten. The doctors seemed to be looking for easy ways out.

When I found 7 Seconds To Pain Relief, I was initially skeptical. The title is a bit exaggerated, but the program is a gem. Not really as quick and as effective as promised on their sales page, but it helped me better than any doctor did. I was fine after 2 days, and until now, it’s been months and the pains haven’t returned yet. The quick pain relief methods work in just a few minutes but the pain will be back from time to time for a couple of days. You just need to keep doing the pain relief method to feel better until the pain goes away completely. Following exactly what was on the videos did it for me.

Instant relief!
E. Topper (from Rumsey, USA) posted this review on May 12, 2013

I got my chronic back and shoulder pain because of my desk job. I sit the whole day in the office, and then sit some more for meetings after. I think it shook up my entire anatomy. There were days when I couldn’t get enough rest because I’d wake up with a painful back. I used to stand up do a bit of stretching walk around the building after every 2 hours of work to keep from the attacks. It worked for some time, but now it isn’t effective anymore. Good thing I got 7 Seconds To Pain Relief. The instant relief method is exceptional. It takes only a few minutes to take effect. The prevention methods are also effective. My chronic pains have stopped now, and I hope this is a permanent solution.

I am thanking the author for this...
posted this review on April 8, 2013

I’ve a desk job and by midday, I already feel back, shoulder, and neck pain. I consulted a doctor about it, but he just said it’s probably due to stress and that I should just rest from time to time while working. I tried doing that. I get some rest every 30 minutes or so of typing, but the pain wouldn’t go away. With the techniques here, I was able to get rid of the pain almost instantaneously. It alo works for other pains because I asked my husband to use it for his knee pain, and it worked too. I also read that the techniques here help prevent other more serious diseases. I really want to thank the author of this book for helping me fix that problem and for helping my husband as well. This innovative way of getting rid of body pains should be known by everyone, but you should get this book. I won’t be sharing it here because I want to help the author.

It fixed my neck and back in just a month
Cindy Ames (from Riverside, USA) posted this review on March 10, 2013

My names Cindy Ames, and I would like to thank Roy Palmer for letting this information out for everyone to use. I’ve been a chronic neck and back pain sufferer for 15 years, and only Roy’s natural treatment method fixed it. I’ve worked with several medical professionals, who gave me different treatment strategies and approaches. I’ve also tried acupuncture and acupressure to no avail. The videos included in 7 Seconds To Pain Relief  are very easy to follow and in just a short time, I mastered the exercises. I used to be scared of going through such exercises because I was scared they’d trigger my back pain. But since the explanations in 7 Seconds To Pain Relief  are clear and logical, I took the plunge. It got rid of all my pains in just a month. There’s also a follow-up program included in the package to help you maintain your results. 

Worked for me. Highly recommended
posted this review on January 26, 2013

I got chronic back and neck pain, and the doctor said it’s probably because of sitting in front of the computer for long hours. I was told to limit the time I spend on the computer, but that’s not possible for me because I work as a customer support representative, and most of the time, I’m typing emails or chatting with clients. There was no way I could possibly leave the computer whenever I pleased. Then came 7 Seconds To Pain Relief. It features natural ways to get rid of back, neck, and shoulder pain. After a week, my pain has lessened greatly. A month later, it was gone. It didn’t come back after. I’d say this is more effective than what my doctor told me to do. I also didn’t need patches or pills. The methods are all natural. This is highly recommended.


I'm starting to feel fit again!

After several years of pain and injury I now run a few miles twice a week and lift weights again - I'm loving it. I'm starting to feel fit again and the speed it returning. Most importantly I have no ill effects from the running, quite the contrary, as it just makes me feel great.

Another thing I've notice is that my posture, both standing and seated seems to have returned to a naturally good state without needing to "try". I don't think a week passes that I don't feel grateful for this change. There's no doubt in my mind that this method has bought about this rather miraculous transformation. Life is good and I'm very happy and content again after all those dark years.

Martin Dickens,
United Kingdom


This guide was brilliant. So simple - but why had no one showed me this before? The constant stiffness in my neck has disappeared and I no longer get the headaches. Very easy to follow and something I was soon able to apply at work even under pressure.

United States

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