30 Day Intro To Paleo

by Hayley Mason & Bill Staley, beta.primal-palate.com

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30 Day Intro To Paleo is an e-book written by Hayley Mason and Bill Staley, the authors of Make It Paleo. If you seriously want to be fit, healthy, and happy and make a significant lifestyle change by following the Paleo diet, but don't know how to start, then this e-book is a must-have for you. It will provide you with everything that you need to know about this way of eating.

The 30 Day Intro To Paleo e-book will guide you through your first month of following the Paleo diet. It is divided into 3 parts and covers various aspects of the diet. In Part 1, you will learn about the basics of the Paleo diet - what to eat and what to avoid, the health benefits of this kind of diet, the major food groups in the Paleo diet, how to make a Paleo-friendly shopping list, and much more. In Part 2, you will find a full 30-day meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It includes detailed shopping lists, planning worksheets, links to other resources, videos illustrating the key concepts of Paleo, and a few cooking videos. Finally, in Part 3, you will discover more than 90 recipes referenced in the meal plan. These tasty, easy-to-cook, and clean recipes can help you succeed in eating Paleo.

With the help of 30 Day Intro To Paleo, you can easily, quickly, and successfully cut out unhealthy foods in your system and go Paleo. This e-book can give you the best, most delicious, healthiest, and cleanest choices so you can finally make that lifestyle change that you've desired for so long.

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The best program is the one that you can stick to
posted this review on March 24, 2014

After my failed attempt in juicing, I realized that I am really not cutout for being in a highly restrictive starving diet. For one, I am a foodie, and when I’m bored, I like munching on stuff. When I found 30 Day Intro To Paleo, I knew I’ve found the perfect program for me. This doesn’t starve. You just have to choose the right foods to eat, and you’re good to go. As for the results, I got the best results from here since I managed to stay on the program.

The perfect and sustainable diet program for me
posted this review on February 16, 2014

I’ve tried paleo several times before but failed miserably. I’ve also tried other strategies for losing weight, but none really helped me achieve the weight that I wanted. 30 Day Intro To Paleo is the only one that I got to follow religiously. If not for this, I would still be grotesquely overweight. When I was younger I was always thin and pretty, but age and childbirth took its toll on my body. I gained some weight after the first baby, and I just kept on gaining even if my 2nd child didn’t come until 8 years after. By the time my 2nd baby came, the doctor was worried because he thought my body couldn’t support life anymore. I was unhealthy and was bound to have an unhealthy baby. Luckily, my baby came out just fine. I was on a strict diet then and had to lose some weight for the sake of my baby. But after giving birth, I gained back all the weight that I lost because I felt so deprived and I just had to eat a lot to makeup for lost time. 30 Day Intro To Paleo came 5 years after. I’d gotten so much fatter than before when I got this, and frankly, I didn’t expect much from it. The great thing about this is that it’s so easy to follow. You’ll never go hungry, so it’s more sustainable. Also, the foods here are delicious. You won’t feel like you’re dieting. I’ve already lost 36lbs. since I got into this program. They say it’s just the intro to paleo, but for me this is already enough because I’m already losing weight from it. I think the strict paleo diet won’t work for me because it’s too restrictive.

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