26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint

by David Bain, www.26weekplan.com

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The 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint is a comprehensive online marketing plan/system developed by David Bain. Whether you are still planning to launch a business, a business owner wishing to improve his business model, a marketing manager, or an online marketing professional, this resource is perfect for you.

During the period of 26 weeks, you can expect to learn a lot of things. 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint covers a wide range of topics. From Week 1 to Week 6, you will learn market research, site structure, conversion rates, etc. Week 7 to 13 covers blogging, social media, pay per click, and more. Week 14 to 20 is about link building. Finally, during Week 21 to 26, you will learn everything about content marketing.

The heart of the system is the 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Blueprint PDF, which has 90 pages of valuable information and step-by-step techniques so you will know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it to become successful. Together with the PDF, you will also get access to supporting screencast videos, an Inner Circle Community, 5 hours of video recordings of the original 26-Week Internet Marketing Plan seminar, and lifetime updates.

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A top notch product!
On-Site Review

While it pains me just a tad to admit that David beat me to the punch with his product, he did so there’s no sense in pretending otherwise. Hat’s off to him for producing a top notch product that covers a whole lot of ground in a well integrated package that should benefit those lucky enough to get their hands on the product for years to come. I highly recommend this package to internet marketers of beginning to intermediate skill levels. There is so much to learn with internet marketing, and this is a fantastic place to start.

Roger Bauer

Solid information!
On-Site Review

If I tried to create a comprehensive, informative guide to Internet Marketing with a step-by-step plan, I doubt I could make one that is better than the 26 Week Internet Marketing Plan. The information was not only solid, but it was laid out in such a way that each step of the process served to create a stronger, more successful strategy than the one before it. By the end of the 26 weeks, any site should be well on its way to online marketing success.

Donna D. Fontenot

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