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If you are a soccer player who wants to possess impressive speed and power and improve your skills, XFactor can be a great resource for you. With this comprehensive program, you get to learn and get professional guidance from former soccer player turned speed and performance coach Mat Herold. He will show you the information that you need to know so you can become an empowered and exciting player like Messi, Ronaldo, etc.

The foundation of the XFactor program is the Training Manual, where you will learn the concepts in injury prevention, structural balance, nutrition for mental and physical sharpness, training frequency options, ways to modify the program, and more. It also includes Training Programs, Off-Season Training Programs, and Exercise Pictures and Descriptions. Regardless of your soccer level and schedule, you'll find a training option that's perfect for you. You can print or have them synced to your mobile device and then start training. Finally, there's the Fat Loss and Manual Workouts, where you will find a customized metabolic conditioning program. This includes nutritional advice that you can modify according to your specific goals and the time and resources that you have.

With all these XFactor tools, you will discover the secrets to impressive agility, how to eat and train so you can become strong, the way to train to prevent injuries, how to assess your mobility, the right tool that's best for you, and much more. Start training using the info you will learn from this program and you can take your speed and power to the higher level, outpace the opposition, be the next soccer star, and experience more benefits.

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This seems effective
posted this review on December 10, 2013

I’m getting more and more convinced that the health techniques in Xfactor Revolution works. I’ve been sickly the past few months so I tried this. I had no idea what it was but I got intrigued so I downloaded it. It’s more of a proper way to eat guide, not like a diet for weight loss or something. It’s more for health but I’ve been losing weight too since I got into this. I think it’s because of my health getting better. They say that when your body is out of balance you gain weight. I’m probably losing weight now because my body is regaining its balance. I’m not so sure how it works against cancer, though. We don’t have cancer in our blood. I’ve never heard of a relative suffering from cancer or dying of cancer. But this makes me feel good. My skin’s cleared up too. I got acne from too much stress before and it’s clearing up real good. I look fresher than ever. I also feel more positive now more than before. I’ve several friends telling me how much I’ve changed not just physically but also mentally. I think the saying “you are what you eat” is true and that if you eat only good foods your overall condition will also get better.

I have improved my speed and strength
On-Site Review

Mat has helped my athleticism for soccer so much. He is always thinking outside of the box about ways to train smarter and get better results. I have improved my speed and strength so much under his guidance. With other trainers I always seem to get some kind of injury, but with Mat I have managed to stay healthy. Whenever I have a question about the body, Mat is the first person I trust.

Noah Delgado

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