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by Ron Douglas, www.writeacookbook.publisheracademy.com

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If you love cooking and want to make good money from your passion, you need Write a Cookbook Course by Ron Douglas. Ron is the founder of many cooking forums online. He’s also written a lot of cookbooks in the past and he’s continuing to earn money from them. That’s why he wants to help others write their own cookbooks, so they can earn money from royalties for years to come.

Write a Cookbook Course guarantees that you will be making money from your cookbooks after finishing just 9 easy to understand modules. These modules are Planning Your Marketplace Penetration Strategy, Choosing The Best Cookbook Topic, Recipe & Copyright Law, Content Creation, Designing Your Cookbook, Pricing & Profit Analysis, Promoting Your Cookbook Online and Offline, Order Fulfillment, Inventory & Automation, and Ron’s Quick-Start System for Success. These modules cover everything you need to know about writing a cookbook, so you will never have to download any other course to jumpstart your cookbook writing career.

As bonuses, you’ll get resale rights to 30 downloadable cookbooks, open source website templates, and “how to” online business videos that are sure to help make learning so much easier for you.

Whether you are just starting out your cookbook writing career, or you simply want to boost your cookbook writing income, Ron Douglas’ Write a Cookbook Course will surely be perfect for you.

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This answered all my questions!
On-Site Review

I want to thank Ron very much!!!   The course answers many questions - very well written!  It is COMPLETE with no-strings-attached.  Many times you get partial info on something and you have to subscribe for the rest of the information.  Clear-cut and right to the point.  Everything from A - Z!

I think this course is perfect!  Everything in it is very well explained.  Much detail and everything that is needed to know.  Anyone who does not follow this draft would be foolish - He's done all the work!

Lackawanna, NY

I'm living proof that this works!
On-Site Review

After using this course to launch my cookbook and make a nice 5-figure profit, I'm living proof that this system works.  However, I can't understand why Ron would give away his secrets for such a low price.  Anyone who doesn't jump on this offer is crazier than he is.

Debbie Weaver

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