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Discover the secrets to rapid-fire muscle gains in Weight Gain Blueprint by Jeff Masterson. If you are a skinny guy or a hardgainer who wants to gain muscle mass without spending countless hours lifting weights in the gym, eating more food, and spending money on expensive yet useless supplements, then this comprehensive muscle building program/course is perfect for you.

In Weight Gain Blueprint, Jeff reveals exactly how he packed on 38 pounds of rock-hard muscle mass in just 19 weeks. This program will show you the truth about muscle building and help you prevent the mistakes most men make when trying to build muscles and transform their physique. Inside, you will learn why you can't gain weight, the only 7 supplements that will make significant effect on your gains, the hormone that boosts the number of muscle fibers, how you should train for arm growth, the only exercises that you need to gain muscle mass, the muscle building foods guaranteed to give you size gains, the way to build muscle in your sleep, and much more.

The complete Weight Gain Blueprint program consists of these components:

  • The Complete Weight Gain Blueprint Manual: In this 114-page e-book, you will discover the exact methods and steps Jeff used to gain muscle mass in just 19 weeks.
  • Anabolic Muscle Building Workouts: These are printable workout sheets for 26 weeks so you can track your progress and achieve maximum growth.
  • Weight Gain Meal Plans: Here, you will find effective muscle-building meal plans in 11 versions - from 2,000 calories to 4,000 calories.
  • Weight Gain Blueprint Quick-Start Guide: This step-by-step "playbook" will show you what to do first, what to do next, etc. to build muscles quickly.

You will also receive several free bonuses when you purchase this program.

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Hope this keeps working for me
Garry Malik (from Shelbiana, USA) posted this review on June 30, 2014

I used to be really skinny. My girlfriend is a bit on the chubby side, so we used to look funny when we’re together. I tried a lot of ways to gain some mass. I practically lived in the gym to get some results, but I don’t know, but for some reason, I didn’t get that good result for all the effort I put into it, so I just ended up quitting. I also tried eating a lot, but my lightning fast metabolism wouldn’t allow me to lose weight. I just kept on burning all the calories right off. I read about Weight Gain Blueprint I a forum for those who want to gain weight the easy way. I tried it and I immediately gained some muscle mass. The challenge then lay on whether or not I will be able to keep that muscle mass, and I did. I kept everything with the maintenance program also included here. I think another big factor here is the diet and supplementation program. These work hand in hand to really bring about amazing results. With the diet, it took me a much longer time to get used to it, and it was difficult at first being too conscious with what I eat. I was aiming for muscle mass and not fat, so I had to be really careful what I eat. Good thing I got my girl to help me out with that. I am now quite happy with my weight and my looks, although I’m still working hard on looking better. The important thing is that I get to maintain this result that I got from my hard work. Whether or not I improve some more isn’t that important to me anymore. I just hope that this lasts!

Really fast results
Miles Roker (from Calgary, USA) posted this review on April 19, 2014

I was skeptical about getting this at first because it’s a bit steep and I was scared it wasn’t gonna work anyway. While my bride to be was busy losing weight before our big day, I was also busy trying to gain weight. I’ve always been the thin guy, but I wanted to look buffer so I’d look good in my wedding suit. I was in track and field before and couldn’t gain weight, but now that I’ve quite, I want to start looking good. This guide has been very helpful for me. The main course alone has more than a hundred pages and is definitely informative. The supplemental guides are also very helpful even if they’re just bonuses. I  am glad that I gave this a chance, and now I’m sticking to this even after the wedding.

I've already gained my first 6 pounds...
On-Site Review

I don't have much free time on my hands since I work swing shifts 24/7 security... So I was worried about not having any time to do this program... But even with my crazy schedule, I've already gained my first 6 pounds by following the Weight Gain Blueprint system, and most all of it is lean muscle!

CK Iverson

The blueprint is awesome!
On-Site Review

It's going great ! I'm in the middle of Week 2, I already gained a solid 2 kg (about 4.5 pounds). The workout is going good too, lifting more than I did the previous time. I have a good feeling about this - the blueprint is awesome, and the way Jeff phases things makes it really helpful.

Walid A.

I have gained 4 lbs. 3 of that is muscle...
On-Site Review

I just got everything I needed to start the program about two weeks ago. I am following as closely as I can, the only real problem I have is the rest. Being deployed doesn't offer me much down time, but I do what I can. So far after one full week of the program (on my second now) I have gained 4 lbs. 3 of that is muscle. I have noticed definite change in my arms and chest (especially because I was SO small to begin with) and am very pleased with the way I look and feel so far! I cannot wait to see what I look like after the first month! What's great is the fact that while video chatting with my wife, she noticed that I was getting bigger.. We shall see how the next month goes…

SGT Hyde, David L.

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