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by John Alexander
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Practical stuff you should already know if you're past 30

I think How to Get a Girl Back in 30 Days or Less is just a practical guide on female psychology. I understand the author’s goal and intention in writing this, but it wasn’t that helpful for me. The girl and I have just been together for 3 months when we broke up, and I just got curious about what a book like this could contain. I wasn’t really that crazy and desperate to get her back again. I just wanted to see what kind of information this contained. It’s just what I expected, but I didn’t do them because she just wasn’t worth the trouble. I think these techniques will be helpful if you’ve already been together for a longer time, and you are ready to make some sacrifices and changes to get her back. But if you haven’t invested that much time and energy on her yet, well, there are still a lot more fish in the sea.