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by Daniel Sumner
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I got started with blogging for profit through Daniel's course

I started blogging back in 2007. It was a personal travel blog back then. It was in a traveling high at that time, and wanted to share my photos and my adventures to other netizens. Facebook wasn’t this big then. When I realized the earning potential of blogs, I decided to monetize mine, while maintaining quality. I setup some ads, but they barely made money.

Bloggers Roadmap helped me learn the ins and outs of blogging for money. I got a bit obsessed with tweaking my blog based on Daniel’s suggestions, and monitoring the results. I setup another blog on photography at this point, and focused more on that than on my old travel blog. My earnings increased week after week. Daniel’s plugins and social media strategies helped a lot. My network of supporters increased with each month that passed. I also exchanged a few emails with Daniel for additional tips, and the good guy shared a lot more with me, niche-specific strategies.

I’m currently running 5 blogs on different interests, and they’re all making good money. Some people run more blogs, but I’m very strict with myself when it comes to quality, so I’m fine with these 5 blogs. They’re my bread and butter these days, and they pay me better than my recent fulltime work.