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by Nick Nilsson
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great for hard gainers like me

I’m naturally a hard gainer… it runs in the family. My father and 2 brothers are all stick figures. When I was in college, I suffered the same fate. I worked out after graduating from college, but the results were slow. I was given different kinds of supplements to make up for what I lack in genetics, but none of them worked too. I only threw away money on those worthless junk. After my addiction to different kinds of supplements, I turned to online resources. I bought a lot of them, maybe more than 10. Most of them have the same information. It’s like they are the same thing with different titles. Although they contain considerably good information, it’s such a waste to buy different products containing the same thing. This one is the most unique among all of those I got. Also, the methods are effective. I’ve been using them for 4 months now, and my muscles are already popping.