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by Chet Womach
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It's fun training dogs Chet's way!

I’ve known Chet from my early days of researching online for pet care ideas. I started taking care of dogs 3 years ago, and Chet has been one of the regular faces I see online when it comes to pet care and dog training articles. I think he’s got a lot. I also see that he’s involved with other animals as well, and not just limited to dogs.

I have 5 dogs now, and I wanted them trained for different skills and commands, but getting them all trained will cost serious money, so I picked up the interest in learning how to train them. I watched YouTube videos, and read articles online, but there wasn’t a single resource I could get for free that teaches complete dog training. Most of them are just previews, so I was convinced to buy. I chose Chet’s work because as I’ve said, I already read a lot about him when I was just getting started with dogs. And I was right for choosing his program.

Chet’s dog training DVDs are very easy to follow. They’re fun for the trainer as well as for the dog because it uses positive reinforcement. The techniques are also very effective. In a matter of days, I already saw some improvements in my dogs. I’ve already trained the 2 younger ones basic obedience and manners. The older ones I will be teaching after I’m done with these two. I didn’t know it was this fun to train dogs!