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by Beth Kiley
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The natural treatments are guaranteed safe

This has been very helpful when my wife and I were trying to have a baby. I refused to undergo any clinical procedure because I always put my wife’s health first. We thought we’d never have a baby, but when she found this online, she thought maybe we can try it because it’s natural, and I agreed. We both worked hard to follow everything the book says. Our infertility then was non-specific, so we don’t really know which technique will work best for us. We just used the methods in this book to figure that out. The alternative treatments are very easy to follow, and I’m pretty sure they’re safe for most people. But if you have special health issues, you might want to check with your doctor first. Just let your doctor read the methods, and see if they’re fine to use. For those who are generally normal, there shouldn’t be any problems. My wife is now 6 months pregnant with our first baby. Finally, we’re gonna have a child after 5 years of waiting.