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by Chet Womach
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It's good because I don't have to hurt my dog

My dog is 2 years old, and it’s just now that I decided to train her. I was a fulltime employee before, so I didn’t have time. Now I’m a freelancer, so I got plenty of time to spend with him. He’s always known the basics like “come” and “sit” but I wanted him to learn how to be more comfortable around strangers. He gets anxious around other people, he also barks too much. Right now, it has lessened, and I can already get him to calm down when I tell him too. I’ve also learned how to make him pee on command. We’re working on that now. I like this training program because I don’t have to hit him or punish him. I’m against that so getting a chance to train my dog without being a monster mom is the best option for me.