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by Chet Womach
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My lab and I liked it!

I immediately got interested in this program when I found out that it was Chet behind it. I have read a great deal about him as an animal trainer, and I know that he uses purely positive reinforcement for animals. Although I badly want to train my lab, Sunny, I do not want to have to yell at him or use spiky collars or do anything that might hurt him.

When I first got the package, I got confused since it has a lot of components. I did not know whether to start with the manuals or the DVDs first. I just decided to go through all the materials first before getting Sunny involved. Sunny and I are focusing on good house manners at the moment, and I am enjoying it. I feel like I am homeschooling my own child, and I am seeing him enjoy it too.

My suggestion for those who will buy the program is to read and watch everything first, so they will know exactly how to start and what to expect after each step.