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by Beth Kiley
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Ended our 3 year wait... I'm very happy =)

It can be difficult to pinpoint the cause of your difficulties in conceiving, but if the doctors can’t give you specific reasons, this book can help. It has a lot of natural methods for targeting many causes of infertility. My husband and I didn’t know why we couldn’t have a baby. The doctor told us it could be stress, it could be my anxiousness to have a baby… It could be anything, but our bodies are healthy enough to conceive. Sine we didn’t know what problem to target, we just did everything this book says to do. We religiously watched our diet and our lifestyle. He even stopped smoking and drinking while we were on the program. I went on leave. I refrained from checking my email, and had my number changed, so I won’t receive any nasty news from the office. I stopped my hellish diet program and my extreme workout schedule, and relaxed at home with good food. We also did everything the book said to do and not to do.

After 2 months of being a good couple with a healthy lifestyle, my PT came out positive! We were ecstatic, and until now I still can’t believe that natural methods ended our 3 year wait. I wouldn’t give my 100% guarantee that this will work for you the way it did for us, but it’s still worth trying.