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by Shin Ohtake
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I like how everything is explained in detail

This program is ok. There are a lot like it on the market, so I won’t be giving it a perfect score. Some of the exercises are the same as in others that I’ve tried but the general program is unique. I like how it explains everything on the website, so you know why you should do this and not that, and you’ll know exactly what you’re aiming for. It’s only here that I found out how cardio exercises actually make me more prone to gaining weight. I’ve been into cardio exercises for so long because there’s a great spinning class in the gym near my place. I already quit that in exchange for this. This is a little difficult to follow initially but once you learn the exercises and the right timing for them, it’ll be ok. The results are also quite quick, but I don’t know how it deals with plateauing.