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by Hugo Rivera
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I got my dream bod

Body Re-Engineering is meant to help you change the way your body is built. Some people are really round because they have more fat than muscle. When they try to lose weight, they usually burn their muscle along with their fat. That’s not a good thing. You wouldn’t want to burn muscle because it’s what boosts your metabolism. With Body Re-Engineering you will learn a fitness routine that will have you burning fats on the maximum while keeping your muscles intact. This results to a better and hotter body in as little time as possible. I honestly didn’t like Hugo’s body looking at it in pictures, but I read the sales page, and I thought I’d give it a try because the theory behind it is great. Now, I’m getting really close to the kind of body that I want. Just the right amount of muscle combined with a fat-free body. Not as big as that of Hugo’s but this is what I want for myself.