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Very disappointing and misleading

Well, I purchased the $20 Solo Ad Service, and after 4 days later I recieved 286 clicks, and I only got ONE optin?  I email the support and they replied back to me and did a test on my lead capture page to see if my page is functioning properly and I saw that they opted in.  So there was no issue on my end.  After I replied back to them and told them everything is working just fine, they never replied back to try to get it resolved.

The only reason I made the investment is because of all the so-called great reviews of how great this service is.  My offer is free to join and you have 30 days to try out the offer.  If you don't want to upgrade for a whopping $5 a month, then you will be purged out.  Most offers only give you maybe 14 days at the most then you need to upgrade, so honestly I have a great offer so I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to join.

I would not recommend this $20 Solo Ad service to anyone no matter who says out great they are.  The bottom line is, you pay for what you get.