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by Dr Marc Dussault
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This is great for working students

There are a loooot of awesome studying techniques in this book. I’m in my first year in college and am a working student, so I don’t have much time for books. What little time I can spend on books I choose to spend on making money to spend for my studies. That’s the sad and complicated life of a working student. Anyway, I’ve been downloading books on studying smart instead of hard, and this has been coming out in some reviews and stuff so I got it., and I really think it’s awesome! I retain more information now even if I can only study for an hour or less a day. I also do great in tests, and I’m not that smart! I also get some time left on weekends to meetup with old buddies because I don’t have to  spend it catching up on my lessons. I’m giving this book my two thumbs up and I’m actually recommending it to classmates and buddies who are also in college.