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by Shin Ohtake
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Perfect for the busy fitness buff like me

I’m very happy with the results I got from Shin’s 90-day program. I was doubtful of this program before I got started as I’ve never tried working out without a trainer before. I usually go to the gym and work with a trainer, but lately I’ve been very busy with work, so the usual gym stuff won’t work for me anymore. I got this program because it takes up less time than most other workout programs I know of. Plus it said that I can get results in 90 days, which is true. I also got some of the equipment here for home exercise, so I can still workout even if I can’t go to the gym. Going to the gym motivates me more, but it doesn’t hurt to get a workout at home, especially during the weekends when the wife and kids are around. I’d definitely say Shin did a great job on this one, and I hope he releases more workout programs in the future.