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by Craig Ballantyne
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Burns fat, not muscle

Turbulence Training will surely help you squeeze the fat out of your body so your lean and ripped muscles can take center stage. I tried this because I needed a system that will allow me to workout without going to the gym. The gym is a good 30 minute drive from my home, and  a working family man can’t  afford that much time. Also, I don’t like dressing up for the gym, and I don’t like getting disturbed by people who want to lessen their gym boredom. I want my workouts to be quick and intense. Turbulence Training seemed to have it all. The biggest thing about this is that it doesn’t burn muscle, so as you lose fat, your muscles will grow bigger. I’m not a fitness expert so I don’t know how Craig’s program managed to do that, but yeah, as long as I’m seeing the results and my shirts are feeling the results, then I’m gonna endorse it.

If you have special health conditions like heart problems and stuff, you might want to check with your doctor first because the workout is very intense.