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by Chet Womach
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Clear and effective

I’m sure all dog owners know how difficult it is to train their pets. I have 3 dogs at home, and when I was living alone, it was fine, but when my boyfriend moved in, of course, I had to help him get adjusted to the dogs, and make the dogs more behaved so they don’t drive him crazy. He’s not used to having animals around, so making him stay in my house with all those pooches is a real challenge. We decided to train the dogs together. It’s partly to save money, since were’ saving up for our wedding, and partly to get him more accustomed to them.

This training program was the only one we used throughout the training period. The dogs surprisingly responded well even to my boyfriend. They in less than a month, they picked up everything we trained them for, including not begging for food, not getting on the couch, and not chewing on stuff like slippers. It’s really easy to use this program. Everything you need to do is detailed in it, so you won’t be left wondering what to do next. Even my boyfriend who’s had no previous experience with pets found this very easy to follow.