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by Matt Huston
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The book will open up your eyes to many things

This books takes a look at your relationship in a rational, almost scientific way. It’s not gonna tell you what happened because that would be different for different cases, but it will help you realize what happened. Sometimes when you’re in a relationship, you get blinded by love, or pride, or jealousy, or anger that you don’t see anymore what’s really happening between the two of you. Ex2 System will help you think in a rational way. Then you can look back at your relationship and see where both of you went wrong and what you can do to patch things up. In my case, after reading this book, I realized that the relationship wasn’t worth saving anymore, and I moved on. The understanding I gained made it easier to move on. It ended my sleepless nights of guilt and questioning, and it opened up the path for healing. It’s a lovely book, and I hope you can give it a chance.