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Jack Wasson comes from Thornton, USA and has been a member since August 18, 2012
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Easy to use, effective, and very cheap

My computer is not that old, but we are four in the family using it, and 2 are kids, so that’s probably why it gets messed up often. I’m not very much tech savvy, but being the father, I’m expected to get the computer fixed every time it gets slow or goes crazy. My wife runs an online store using it, so it can’t be down for more than a day. After spending hundreds of dollars for a couple of trips to the tech, I decided to practice fixing it myself. I read about this software from a forum out on the internet (I forgot the name), so I downloaded it and installed it in here. It’s very easy to install, and after that the software itself tells you what to do with your computer to get it tuned up. Since I got this software, our computer has gotten much faster, and we do not experience crashes anymore. There are errors from time to time, but nothing I can’t handle. I recommend this software to everyone who are not techie but are forced to maintain their computers.