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by Diane Thompson
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This is better than laser treatment

My doctor already suggested laser therapy for my varicose veins because it was so bad, I was already getting difficulties standing up. I am a nurse, and my job really requires long periods on my feet, doing my rounds or assisting patients and doctors. When my legs started hurting because of varicose veins, they gave me an office position that I didn’t want. I wanted to get it repaired right away so I can be back in action. I was supposed to have laser therapy, but I got too scared. How To Get Rid Of Varicose Veins Naturally was the better option, so I did all the natural methods first. I was planning to go through laser treatment only if it didn’t work, but it did. It’s not that fast, but at least it’s not invasive. Also, the effect is permanent. There is some maintenance to be done, but it’s not very complicated. With laser treatment, it might come back, but with these natural treatment methods, it’s very uncommon for it to come back.