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by Chet Womach
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It was a learning experience for Larry and I!

Chet’s methods in Hands Off Dog Training didn’t just help me train my dog, they also gave me awesome bonding moments with him. My dog is a poodle named Larry, and he’s a very sweet and smart dog. I didn’t know how to train him then so I got this. Larry picked up everything so quickly, and I didn’t have to use harsh methods on him. We also have fun while I’m training him. I make sure to give him his favorite treats at the right time, so he gets what I want him to do. Through this training, I loved him more, and I’m sure he appreciated and loved me more too as his mommy. Hands Off Dog Training has a lot of smart techniques that will really make learning easy for you and your dog. I even find them therapeutic at times. When I get really stressed I just go train with Larry and that makes my day better. It’s like teaching a toddler how to do things on his own. I love this training methods, and I think all dog owners should use this instead of using spiked collars and other harsh methods that hurt their dogs. Learning should be a bonding moment for owners and their dogs, and that’s what Hands Off Dog Training aims to achieve. I’d like to thank Chet for not being selfish and for sharing everything he knows for other dog lovers in here.