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by Rich Pryor
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I rarely need the technician now

I’m glad there is a book like this! I learned about computers quite late, so it’s hard for me to learn it just by tinkering with it. I was scared I might blow it up or something. This book taught me everything I needed to know about computers to give me just enough confidence to experiment on it. I’m sure this book doesn’t have everything, as in all the information there is about computers, but it’s got enough information to cover all the basics. This is the only guide I learned from because my friends, even my son and my wife refuse to teach me because I look panicky in front of the computer. Through this guide, I’m able to play around with our desktop, and I learned that it’s not gonna self-destruct if I push the wrong button. Right now, I can use the computer on my own and I’m learning how to setup a small home network, so I can connect our desktop to my son’s desktop so we can play games on weekends. I also have the knowledge to fix our computers whenever they have problems, and it’s great not having to spend money for the technician.