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by Adam Waters
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This really helped me fix my body!

This isn’t just a bodybuilding system, it’s a physique transformation system because your body will really change. You’ll have muscles just where you need them and you can also work on your body’s proportion. Some people think that forgetting leg day makes them look bulky on top and then thin at the bottom part of their body’s but I think even if you don’t forget leg days, if you don’t have a system that will really transform your body, you’re bound to look disproportionate. This system helped me fix my body. I used to work out in the gym alone because I couldn’t afford a trainer. I grew on top but my legs remained thin. I found out later that some people are just naturally disproportional, and that in my case, what I need is a system that can help me work on my body’s proportions. That’s when Real Time Physique Transformation System came along. Now, I’m happier with the way I look. I’ve also grown my legs and toned down my upper body a bit. It looks more natural this way. I highly recommend RTP for anyone who wants to work out alone. I found out the hard way that winging it usually leads to disasters.