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by Jeff Masterson
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Hope this keeps working for me

I used to be really skinny. My girlfriend is a bit on the chubby side, so we used to look funny when we’re together. I tried a lot of ways to gain some mass. I practically lived in the gym to get some results, but I don’t know, but for some reason, I didn’t get that good result for all the effort I put into it, so I just ended up quitting. I also tried eating a lot, but my lightning fast metabolism wouldn’t allow me to lose weight. I just kept on burning all the calories right off. I read about Weight Gain Blueprint I a forum for those who want to gain weight the easy way. I tried it and I immediately gained some muscle mass. The challenge then lay on whether or not I will be able to keep that muscle mass, and I did. I kept everything with the maintenance program also included here. I think another big factor here is the diet and supplementation program. These work hand in hand to really bring about amazing results. With the diet, it took me a much longer time to get used to it, and it was difficult at first being too conscious with what I eat. I was aiming for muscle mass and not fat, so I had to be really careful what I eat. Good thing I got my girl to help me out with that. I am now quite happy with my weight and my looks, although I’m still working hard on looking better. The important thing is that I get to maintain this result that I got from my hard work. Whether or not I improve some more isn’t that important to me anymore. I just hope that this lasts!