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by Lee Hayward
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I'm very much impressed with how the program worked for me

Being a tall guy with limpy arms isn’t a good sight. I’ve always wanted to pack on some muscles on my arms, my whole body in general, but my arms were my focus because they’re actually the most noticeable. When you have good looking arms, people automatically think that you’re muscular.

I got Blast Your Biceps almost 2 months ago, and now I’ve already improved almost 2 inches on both arms. Almost an inch a month is not bad. Some people in the gym kill themselves to get the same result. The program is divided in phases which make it more organized, and easier to manage. It’s also meant to tighten and strengthen your arms like crazy, so your results can be maintained even when you slow down on your workout. I’ve felt stronger since I started on this, so I’m pretty sure that this isn’t “empty muscle” like what you get from others. Most importantly, Lee offers amazing support. He’s a real person, and a real muscle building enthusiast, so he’s always excited to learn more about your progress and eager to answer your questions as well.