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by Nick Nilsson
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This is really designed for hard gainers

Muscle Explosion is a muscle building program that’s designed to help people who are naturally hard gainers. I am a hard gainer myself, so I understand other people who get desperate to add mass to their bodies. I’ve been working out for 3 years on and off but I was seeing little result from my previous program that I decided to switch to Muscle Explosion. This is definitely something! I was surprised with the amount of progress I’ve made after only 3 months in this program. Yep, that’s just 3 months and I’ve already made as much mass as I had in 3 years of working out. My old trainer told me that this could be straining on the body as the results are too fast. I refuse to believe that. I feel better than ever, and I don’t feel as though my body’s being torn to pieces with this program. I do suffer from a bit of muscle pain every now and then, but no injuries so far. This is worth checking out.