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by Matt Smith
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Effective drills and great bonuses

This is indeed epic! I’ve been playing soccer for a hobby for quite some time now, but I started taking it seriously just recently. Some friends suggested that I hire a soccer coach, so I can also have fitness programs that are meant for soccer players, but I don’t want to spend too much for that. As I’ve said, soccer is just a hobby, and although I’m taking it more seriously now, I don’t want to waste money on that. Anyway, on to the program, I enjoy the drills here, and I’m pretty sure they’ve already helped improve my skills. They are soccer specific drills so you won’t see them in ordinary fitness programs. Also, they are not too difficult for the beginner. The included bonuses, especially the nutrition guide are also very helpful. I think Matt has been generous in this program of his. It might seem a bit steep at first, but you really get to save a lot because hiring a personal coach is a lot more expensive and they work quite the same way.