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by Matt Smith
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It's a good training manual...

The Epic Soccer Training is helpful if you’re having troubles training on your own. I haven’t experienced training with an actual coach yet, just this. They’re planning to form a girls’ soccer team in my school so I have to train really hard. I tried a soccer training program that’s meant for my age, but it didn’t work for me maybe because I’m more advanced than most kids my age. I’ve been training with my dad since I was 5. It was just the basics before, and my dad was a soccer training in his younger days, but he doesn’t know much about training other people, especially young women like me. I feel like I’m getting the training I need from this program. My dad said I’ve improved since we’ve been practicing together. He lives in a different state now, so I mostly practice with this. Dad just gives his comments from time to time. I know this soccer training program may not be suitable for all 14-yr old girls, but it’s still pretty helpful for me.