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My PC's at its best now

My PC used to crash a lot before I got this. It was irritating because I use my PC for work. I work as a virtual assistant and I work on a lot of documents on a daily basis. When my PC crashes, freezes, and lags all the time, I get difficulties meeting my deadline. I gambled on PC Booster, and I’m glad I made the right decision. I thought this was just like other dime a dozen software on the internet, but it was different. I was ready for a refund then, but when I saw how it fixed the errors on my computer I was amazed. I monitored it for time, checking if there are errors it missed, and there were none. My PC is running smoothly now. I just use PC Booster from time to time to clean it up and to boost the speed. A once a week cleanup is all I need to get it running on full blast.