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by Shin Ohtake
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Impressive effects in 90 days

The one for men is great. I’ve tried it and I’m already on my second 90-day stretch. The results are impressive. I gained a lot of muscle in just the first 3 months of being on the program. It’s more than what I got from the one I used a year ago, and that’s with the assistance of a trainer. The exercises in here can also be changed a bit every time, so you don’t get bored. There also isn’t much equipment needed, so you don’t have to go to the gym that much. You can do the exercises on your own, with minimal investment. Anyway, if you’re planning to get started in this, you’d better be up for the long haul, so your equipment surely won’t gather dust in your home. You also get to assess how much you’ve improved in terms of body mass and strength. But since you will be pretty much working on your own here, you might have to have that additional discipline to push yourself. There will be no one shouting at your ears telling you to go for one more rep when you do things on your own, so you really have to be determined.