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by Beth Kiley
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Simple lifestyle changes that work

After trying for 2 years, hubby and I were getting hopeless. We really started thinking that it’s impossible for us to have our dream baby. Our friends kept on encouraging us saying that some people take longer than that, that some people take 5-10 years waiting for a child, and we have only been waiting for 2 years. We have a history of infertility in the family so I was really scared.

With the little adjustments we made to our lifestyle following the advice in Personal Path to Pregnancy, hubby and I finally conceived our dream baby. I had my ultrasound last week, and we’re having a baby boy. I never thought that those little things we used to do affected our fertility. But now that we already know the things we were doing wrong, we will have no problems going for a 2nd and a 3rd child. I highly recommend this even if you’re working with an OB. There are a lot of things here the OB didn’t tell us for some reason, and those really helped us conceive.