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by Stanley Lyndon
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Excellent tips on joke delivery and creativity

Being funny isn’t just about what jokes you crack, it’s also about how you crack them. Some people believe that sense of humor is a talent, but I beg to differ. I meet a lot of people as an HR practitioner. I usually orient them about the company, so speaking is also one of the skills I needed to develop. A good sense of humor can help you get away with almost anything when you’re speaking in front of tensed people.

How to be Funny is a simple book that taught me how to deliver jokes the right way. It doesn’t matter whether or not they’re scripted jokes or those that you cook up as you go. As long as you can deliver them well, you’ll be hearing people roaring with laughter. I also learned tips here on how to develop wit. This part took a much longer time. I also had to surround myself with witty people to help me learn faster how to be creative with words.

Right now, after some time of training, I’ve become a lot funnier than I was before. I wouldn’t really say I’m stand-up comedienne level now, but my sense of humor is enough to make new hires feel calmer when I speak in front of them. It’s better because we promise them a fun working environment. I get to represent the company better this way.