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by Steve Roye
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Confidence boosting

This stand-up comedy guide really got me started on the right track to becoming a full-fledged stand-up comedian. It’s always been my dream to become one, but getting a break is really hard. There are a lot of people who have talent in making others laugh, and those other people have the confidence to show it even to strangers. That’s the problem with me. I lose my cool when I see new faces staring at me. This guide has a lot of techniques that help boost my confidence. These strategies are really helpful for aspiring stand-up comedians, and speakers who want to learn how to make their talks more entertaining. The information in here isn’t the generic ones you find in other low-quality resources. It’s actually the first time I’ve read something like this in all my years of research. I highly recommend this book for trainers, speakers, teachers, and aspiring stand-up comedians like myself.