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Tinnitus Masker is a unique audio package that will block your tinnitus so you can relax in comfort in quiet environments when tinnitus is usually at its loudest. You can finally say goodbye to the irritating whistling, buzzing and ringing in your ears!

Tinnitus Masker includes ocean waves and rainfall nature sounds MP3s. These 2-hour recordings have a special masking formula, which is more effective and cheaper than traditional nature sounds CDs and white noise machines. Thanks to Tinnitus Masker, you don't have to take sleeping pills or leave your television or radio on.

If you purchase Tinnitus Masker, you'll receive the other nature sounds and the classic White, Pink, & Brown Noise MP3s as free bonuses. 

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More Effective In Blocking Out My Tinnitus Than Anything Else...
On-Site Review

At first, I was quite skeptical of the Tinnitus Masker because nothing had really worked to help mask my tinnitus. But I was having real trouble sleeping and I was desperate to avoid sleeping pills, so I thought I had nothing to lose by giving it a try.

I found the Tinnitus Maskers great at blocking out the tinnitus when I was going to sleep. Rather than leave the television on at night which didn’t work anyway, putting on the masker CDs was really relaxing while also more effective in blocking my tinnitus than anything else.

These maskers are well worth a try.

Dominic Quick,
London, UK

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