The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program

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The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program is a breakthrough fitness program that allows you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time. This new fitness system makes use of within-day energy balance, hormonal response, and energy partitioning to make sure that you get the nourishment needed for a balanced body.

Tom Venuto, bestselling author of the Holy Grail system, focuses on muscle to fat ratio, rather than scale weight. Unlike the systems used in weight loss contests, such as Biggest Loser, Tom Venuto’s program does not require you to drop insane amounts of weight. Even if your scale registers the same weight everyday, you will see remarkable improvements in your body every time you look at the mirror.

The Holy Grail Body Transformation Program is suitable for those who are in the semi-lean range. It will help your body turn from lean to ripped, using cyclical dieting and nutrient timing. Women who are afraid of looking bulky should have no troubles with the Holy Grail body transformation system, since the system only adds muscles where needed. The ultimate result is a sculpted and toned bikini-ready body.

Inside this one of a kind fitness course, you will get a 109-page Holy Grail Body Transformation Manual, an 8-part audio course that runs for 3 ½ hours, The T.N.B. Workout Program, The Holy Grail Carb Cycling Meal Plans, and The Burn the Fat 2.0 Food Data base. This information-packed course will surely make you leaner and stronger, without the need for bodybuilding supplements.

You can pay a one time payment of $49.97; or try the program for $1, then get billed an additional $48.97 after 21 days.
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Helped Me Achieved My Ideal Body Composition
On-Site Review

The essence of Tom’s new program is that there is effectively a third way ahead: Build muscle AND stay lean. One does not need to choose on or the other! Based on his excellent Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program, I managed to, in 6 months time, reduce my body fat from 15% to less than 5%, trimming my weight from 80 kg to 76 kg. His BFFM program works, full stop. Having achieved my ideal body composition, I was struggling a bit to identify my next goal. Just the title of Tom’s new book - "Holy Grail" - did that for me! Now I look forward to my new journey, towards increasing lean muscle mass, maintaining an excellent body composition at the same time.


Great Program
On-Site Review

In the last 98 days I have: burned 12% body fat, shed 25 pounds of fat, shrunk my waist by 19 cm and gained 5 pounds of muscle. The Holy Grail WORKS!

Peta Freestone

It works!
On-Site Review

I used The Holy Grail system this summer to trim fat while holding onto muscle. I managed to go from “lean” to “ripped”. Using the strategies detailed in THG I cut from 10% to less than 5% body fat! Now I am using THG to add even more muscle without getting fat. This program works.

Brian Nordberg

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