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The Foolproof 30-Day Diet shows you how you can lose up to 25 pounds in just 30 days. This diet plan enables you to lose weight quickly without supplements or drugs. You also won't have to plan meals, count calories or drink awful-tasting drinks or foods. This is a proven and effective all-natural weight loss plan that produces quick results!

Inside The Foolproof 30-Day Diet, you'll get pre-designed menus or meal plans for each day. You'll also get a shopping list, so you'll know exactly what to buy at the grocery store. These easy-to-follow plans include a variety of foods. If you don't like a certain menu, you can easily substitute it with another menu. You'll always know what to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you'll never run out of meal ideas!

The Foolproof 30-Day Diet is the perfect weight loss plan for busy people and picky eaters. Just follow the meal plans and you'll start shedding pounds right away.

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Fastest weight loss program I've tried
posted this review on May 27, 2014

I lost about 20 lbs. in 3 days using this program. The truth is that I chose this because it’s simpler than most other programs that I’ve seen. I wanted to see quick results because if I don’t see quick results, I will not be able to stick to my regimen. It’s awesome that I found this! It’s the fastest weight loss program I’ve ever tried. Some of my friends who saw my results are now using this same program to lose weight because they’re so impressed with my results. It’s perfect for busy people too because of its simplicity. Love this much!

It jumpstarted my weight loss really well
Shania Bevin (from Idaville, USA) posted this review on April 19, 2014

I admit that I was a bit skeptical about this when I started using this. It has some big claims and a lot of other Internet fitness courses fail to deliver what they promise. When I learned about The Foolproof 30-Day Diet from my friend, I thought she was just blowing things up. She promised to help me with it, though, and I was desperate to jumpstart my fitness, so I tried this program. It’s amazing! In just the first week alone, I already noticed changes in my weight. I didn’t measure right away and I didn’t even weigh myself because I was scared to be disappointed. Luckily, this worked for me, and it did jumpstart my weight loss pretty well.

Laidback yet effective
posted this review on April 14, 2014

My wife and I are planning to go backpacking next month, so I’m getting kinda pressured to lose enough weight by then. I want to look good in photos, and of course, I also wanna be light enough to be able to try out all activities we can find in the towns that we will visit. I was about 30 lbs. overweight when I started on this and I was aiming to lose at least 20 before we hit the road next month. I really ballooned after our wedding 2 years ago. This is our last hurrah before we try for a baby next year, so I really want to look my best here. These are probably the last trip we’d ever take just the two of us. It’s really going to be symbolic and very special gotta look good for that.

Anyway, on to this program. I had mixed feelings about this when I first saw what the program was about. I was expecting to get something like military training and really extreme dieting because I was aiming for fast weight loss, right? But what I got was a pretty simple guide of unique recipes, some eating tips, an exercise plan that is nowhere near military level. I felt a bit happy that it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be, but a bit worried at the same time that it might not be able to deliver the promised results.

I’ve already been on the program for about 2 months, and I’ve already my target 20lbs. weight loss. I am still aiming to lose the excess 10 lbs. before we start backpacking by next month. This has been extremely helpful for me that my wife has gotten started on the program too.

I think it's unhealthy
posted this review on March 2, 2014

The Foolproof 30-Day Diet is so effective that it’s probably unhealthy. I dropped more than 20 lbs. in 30 days and that’s way beyond the weekly weight drop recommendation or whatever they call it. This is just good for short-term weight loss, or if you just need a weight loss jumpstart.

A whopping 27 lbs. blasted away in 30 days
posted this review on February 1, 2014

I lost a total of 27 lbs. in 30 days through this diet. Just in time for my daughter’s 16th birthday. It was a bit tough because I’ve never tried dieting before, but it’s really worth it. I didn’t feel lightheaded at all while on diet, but I had to be disciplined and I had to have self-control. My husband and daughter have been very supportive because they both knew I wanted to look good for the photos. I had to change a lot of stuff in my lifestyle. No drinking for 30 days, no late nights with the girls. I really had to condition my body. But after the 5th day of the diet, I noticed significant changes in my health. I felt so much more energetic, my thinking got clearer, and my waistline also started to shrink. It’s a great thing the menus here are easy to follow and a bit more flexible than other diet programs. It would have been harder for me to follow if it were too strict. I’ll be resting for a month, and then, I’ll give this another 30 days to see if it will help me lose some more. Wish me luck!

It's a very strategic weight loss plan
posted this review on August 20, 2013

This was my lifesaver! Before my wedding, I gained a lot of weight because I got stressed out with the preparation. I am a stress eater, and although I’ve been through a rigorous diet and workout plan a year before the wedding, I regained some of the weight I lost because of too much stress. I was really devastated because I thought I didn’t have much time left. I had to lose about 15 lbs of weight before the wedding, or the wedding gown would bulge at my sides and it would be extremely unflattering. I got my first workout and diet plan from the internet so when I needed one again, I turned to the internet again. The other plan was made for slow and steady weight loss. I needed one for rapid weight loss. I didn’t care anymore if it was permanent or not, and IMO there is no such thing as permanent weight loss, you need to keep working hard if you want to keep the weight off.

Anyway, I followed everything in this guide to the T. I was really determined to shed off the extra pounds. In 30 days, I lost about 13lbs. 3 more than the guaranteed 10. I think that’s not bad, but of course, I really worked hard for it. The program just guided me. It’s a very strategic weight loss system, but you have to get your own copy if you wanna know the specifics.

This is good for quick weight loss
posted this review on April 12, 2013

I’ve been on the lookout for a good diet plan since I gave birth last year. I was looking for something that will help me drop the pounds quickly before I get depressed for being too fat. I’ve always been scared to gain weight, but I guess it’s inevitable after childbirth. I chose The Foolproof 30-Day Diet because it promises so much within the 30-day timeframe. It’s complete with the menus for the day and stuff like that, so there’s no need to bother with what to eat, and it’s easier to stick to the plan. I love 23lbs. in 30 days. My only concern with this kind of dieting is that it can be temporary. You can regain the weight you lose after finishing the 30-day diet. You still have to keep to a healthy diet afterwards and include exercise. This is more like a healthier version of a crash diet. Right now, I’m giving it a go for another 30 days because there is still some weight I need to lose. I gained so much after giving birth, and I want to get my body back to how it was before I gave birth.

It definitely helped me achieve my dream bod!
posted this review on December 27, 2012

I lost more than 25 lbs in a month using this program. I wasn’t expecting much from it when I first tried it because I’ve tried a similar “lose weight fast” program in the past, and the effect as temporary. I only tried this because I was going to attend a friend’s wedding then. To my surprise, the effect remained even after I quit the program! I stopped then after the wedding, but noticing that my weight remained the same, I did the program again for another month. This time I lost, less than 25 lbs because I was only a bit overweight then. I don’t know how this works for obese people. I was just overweight then, and I’ve no metabolic disorders whatsoever, so the effects are fast. If you have special conditions like metabolic problems, diabetes, or liver problems, you might have to consult a doctor before going on this program.

I'm living proof!
posted this review on November 3, 2012

The effects are really quick! I’ve tested a lot of diet programs, but a lot of them don’t deliver. This program, on the other hand, helped me lose 28 lbs. in just 30 days! I didn’t have problems following it because there are premade menus and recipes are included in the program. There is also a shopping list that I just printed out, so I can take it to the grocery whenever I need supplies. The menus, including the alternate menus, are perfect for the Western diet. I’ve tried another diet program before, and there are a lot of weird stuff and spices that are too difficult to find. This one is different. The ingredients are readily available. It’s just like eating normally, but in a controlled way. You have to follow everything the program says if you want to lose weight. It can be difficult if you are picky with food, but it’s gonna be worth it once you see the results.

Restrictive but the results are great!
posted this review on November 2, 2012

At first it was difficult for me following the pre-made meal plans in the book. I’m used to diet programs that just tell you what kinds of food to eat and what kinds to avoid, but those didn’t work for me, so I settled for this even if it’s a little more difficult than what I was used to.  It helps that I get a grocery list for everything I need to eat, but self-control is my problem here. It’s my only problem with the program. it can be quite restrictive because you get pre-set meals.

The effects, however, are FANTASTIC! I lost 36lbs. the first month! It’s the first time I ever lost that much weight since I got fat. I followed the program religiously, though. If you want the same results I suggest following everything as stated in the book. I also like that they claim less than they deliver. At first I doubted if I’m gonna lose the full 25 lbs as promised, but I lost a lot more! So thumbs up for that!

I dropped 2 dress sizes in a month
Lara Crosby (from Hancock, USA) posted this review on September 11, 2012

I don’t know how many pounds I lost since getting on this diet, but I’m only a month into it and I’ve already lost 2 dress sizes. The recipes in the program are so easy to make and they’re delicious. I didn’t feel like I was dieting at all. I have a job, so it’s kinda difficult for me to prepare food, but I manage to slip this into the short time I have between getting up and going to work. The included shopping list also makes it easier for me because when I shop, I just breeze through the grocery grabbing stuff that I need. I don’t really like checking out aisle after aisle looking at foods’ calorie content. The meal plans are awesome! They’ve been perfect for me because I really hate diets that require me to starve myself. I’d never starve myself even if it’s the only way for me to lose weight. Now I’ll be resting for 2 weeks, and then getting back on this program for another 30 days to see what happens.

Lost 34lbs in just a month!
Gina Walker (from Richmond, USA) posted this review on August 6, 2012

They’re lying, I actually lost 34 pounds in 30 days! I’ve never tried dieting before, but shortly after giving birth, I wanted to lose weight so much, that I finally gave in to my friend’s pushing me to try a real diet program. Before, I just tried cutting down my food intake, but I just continued to grow bigger and bigger, so I guess that didn’t work. The pre-designed food plans in this program are easy to follow, and the foods taste great, so I never felt deprived, even when I was on this diet. It’s also great that they have alternate menus, so I have more to choose from. The added shopping list made everything so much easier for me to handle. Since it was so easy, I didn’t really think it would be this effective, but just a week after being on it, my friends started commenting on my shrinking waistline, cheeks, and hips. Some of those who saw my before and after pictures on Facebook begged me for this program, and I pointed them all to here, so the creators can get the credit so deserve.

I Feel Lighter Already
posted this review on February 11, 2012

This book is the answer to my prayers.

I have lost 4 lbs in just 12 weeks! The recipes are delicious and the book is so easy to read.

Love it!


I have lost a total of 19 pounds..

I started about 3 1/2 weeks ago (I have a couple of more days to go). I got my mom to do it with me as well.

As of today, I have lost a total of 19 pounds, and it is still coming off. My mom lost 13 lbs. My goal is to lose 40, so I will do the diet for one more month.

I’m thankful for this simple plan. I didn't starve myself, and it didn't leave me hungry either. The first couple of days were a bit hard, but then I got used to it and the pounds just started coming off.

I have noticed a big difference in my clothes and now I am a size smaller. I am tall, so I went from a size 16 to a comfortable size 14 (almost 12).

I recommended this diet to everybody I know. I have spent so much money on different diet programs, like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Southbeach, and then I started buying pills like Xenadrine and Zantrax! None of those have provided me with these kind of results.

San Francisco, CA

I used to be 185 pounds and now i'm only 173...

I followed this diet for the first two weeks but I cheated a lot on the third and fourth week, I extended the diet for another week and voila!!! I lost 12 pounds, and 1 and a half inch on the waist. I used to be 185 pounds and now i'm only 173 and still losing more. My goal weight is like 130-140 pounds.

More and more people are telling me that indeed I have lost weight and I looked much better, I just got accepted on a small fashion show, they told me that I only have to lose some more weight. My life improved a lot, I gained more confidence.

This is a "miracle diet" to me, it has been a great "jumpstart" on my "losing-more-weight" program.

Kendrick Tan

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