The Fast Fat Revolution System

by Jason Maxwell,

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Discover a fat-torching, muscle-building system that can help you melt fats and build lean muscles in the fastest way possible with The Fast Fat Revolution System. This program features intermittent fasting that boost your body’s natural fat-burning capability. Not only that, it helps your body build muscles in record time. The program was developed by Jason Maxwell – trainer, fitness and health author, nutrition coach, CPT, and FMS level 1. He’s a contributor to a lot of health and fitness resources, such as Waterloo Warriors, Breaking Muscle, and Upbeat Workouts.

Jason Maxwell also had problems burning fat and building muscles. He resorted to cardio workouts but that didn’t work, so kept on researching. That’s when he found out how intermittent fasting can help alter a person’s hormonal balance, and make significant changes to the body’s muscle building capacity.

The Fast Fat Revolution System has 3 main components, which are The Fast Fat Revolution Nutrition Manual, The Fast Fat Revolution Training Manual, and The Fast Fat Revolution Exercise Video Library. There are also 2 valuable bonuses, which are The Fast Fat Revolution Training Logs and The Fast Fat Revolution Ultimate Workout and Nutrition Calendar. Plus, Jason has a limited time offer – 30-day membership to his Workouts for Life Membership Site.

All in all, The Fast Fat Revolution System is a must-try for anyone who wants to burn fat and build muscles, simultaneously without having to work out too hard. With this system of intermittent fasting, you’ll surely achieve the body that you want in record time.

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Excellent resource
On-Site Review

Jason has created an excellent resource for the fitness world. Appropriately thorough yet easy to read, he covers everything from grocery shopping to training techniques. Combined with his step by step guide to achieve your goals this is a must have for anyone looking to redefine their physique.

Benjamin Pickard,
Strength Coach

A good resource for my clients and friends
On-Site Review

I have used Jason’s The Fast Fat Revolution as a resource for my clients and friends. Fat loss while maintaining muscle is a common struggle that Jason has simplified by laying out an easy to follow template. This book can guide anyone from a recreational lifter to a gym junkie to the ideal body. I’m now a believer and this book is now a permanent resource in my library.

Brian Kotoka,
General Manager,
Omega Health

Jason is one of the brightest fitness experts ever
On-Site Review

Jason Maxwell is one of the brightest up and coming fitness experts I know. He’s put together some material that’s easy to read, easy to follow and yields great results. If you want a no-nonsense rundown on how to get lean and stay lean, then do yourself a favour and read this book.

Geoff Girvitz,
Strength Coach and Owner of Bang Fitness Toronto

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