The Ex Back Formula

by Ed Banks,

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If you're pining for your ex and want to know how you can get him or her back, then The Ex Back Formula is just the resource you need. You'll learn strategies that are guaranteed to get your ex back 100% of the time.

This e-book is a compilation of all the secrets author Ed Banks uncovered as he was trying to recover from his own breakup. He eventually learned how to win back his ex-girlfriend, and she was back in his arms in no time! Even though your situation may be different than his, you can still apply the principles in this book to your relationship since the underlying reason couples get back together is universal.

The Ex Back Formula will teach you the mistakes most people make while trying to get back with their ex, strategies to win back your ex, the truth about relationships and much more.

In addition to this e-book, you'll get one month of free access to a personal coaching service. If you want to continue this service after that time, you'll pay just $29 per month.

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I got my girl back because of this guide
posted this review on June 30, 2014

Breakups are never easy and there are times when you really have to get back the person you lost. For me, this was the case. I lost the most amazing girl I’ve ever met in my life, and I just had to get her back. I am glad that I found this system because it taught me a really special strategy to get her to realize that I’m still the right man for her. We are now back in each other’s arms and I really owe so much to this guide. Two thumbs up!

I am so happy with everything I learned from this course
posted this review on April 29, 2014

I got back with my girlfriend using the techniques in The Ex Back Formula. This is so helpful even if you’ve already been apart for some time. My girlfriend had been apart for almost 4 months when I found this course, and this really helped me get back her attention, and now her love. I am very happy with everything that I learned here about my girlfriend and about relationships in general.

Finally have my man back
posted this review on April 12, 2014

I wanted to get my ex back so badly that I did a lot of crazy things to have him back, but this was the only one that effectively helped me to get him back. It’s the only one that really worked for me. I wasted so much time on other things that just came out of my crazy head. It was my fault that we broke up. I had somebody else, so the regret was really there. I am really thankful, I thank the heavens that I got this course and that I took the suggestions seriously. I got him back prolly 3 months after the breakup.

There's a good reason why I found this course
posted this review on April 1, 2014

The Ex Back Formula could be just a practical course for someone who isn’t experiencing the pains of breakup. However, for someone who is confused and disoriented because of losing the love of his life, this is like The Holy Grail. My girlfriend, Catherine, and I broke up last year. That was before Christmas. Probably around November. Cathy just told me that she wanted to call it quits. She did it over the phone, and it was really painful for me. Cathy refused to talk to me weeks after that. I couldn’t reach her phone, she deactivated her Facebook, it’s like she just disappeared from the world. After a few days of being so low, I decided to try and get back up on my feet. Bu I found his course and I thought, why not give it another try. I was shocked with the suggested techniques here, but I was left with no choice. I really wanted to get Cathy back. Moving on was just the last resort. Using the methods here, I zeroed in on Cathy again. One day, I just got a phone call from her saying that she wanted to talk about our relationship and that she owed me an explanation. I found out that she felt the relationship lacked intimacy and she looked for it from other men, and she felt guilty doing it while we were still together, so she decided to break up with me. Through the methods that I used, which I learned from this guide, she realized that she wanted me back. We are now together again and I’m the happiest man on the planet. I think there’s a reason why I found The Ex Back Formula.

Could work in some cases
posted this review on June 10, 2013

The techniques are OK. Not that great. Some are worthless, but there are also useful ones. My girlfriend and I got back together, but I’m not giving this all the credit. I think it only works if you’re still interested in each other. If she already has another guy, this won’t work.

This is a true to life story...
Marcus Patterson (from Ramah, USA) posted this review on April 27, 2013

Gone are the days when you just have to wine and dine a woman to win her forgiveness. These days women can afford expensive meals and motive tickets on their own. It takes more than just a little bit of effort to get a woman to take you back after you’ve done something as horrible as cheating on her.

I lost my girlfriend (who was then my ex-girlfriend) when I cheater on her with a friend we had back in college. We were at a party and we were fooling around, and after that one thing led to the other. That other woman wanted to continue our physical relationship, and who am I to say no? We kept going out and fooling around for 3 or maybe 4 months before we got caught. Someone we knew also from college saw us getting into her apartment, and my girlfriend did her investigation shortly after.

I thought I wasn’t gonna get her back. I begged and pleaded for months. I was on leave for a long time nursing my broken heart and plotting like a madman to make her come back to me.

When I was getting a little better, I found The Ex Back Formula, and I tried the techniques here. it was different from what I was doing the first time. I realized why my girlfriend was just laughing at me while I was begging her to return. I got her back a month later, and now we’re happily planning our wedding!

Not like the manipulative crap you'll read in others
posted this review on January 8, 2013

The Ex Back Formula is more than just a strategy book on getting back a lost love. It’s a book on relationships, how to fix it and how to keep it. With this book, you won’t be manipulating your lover into getting back together with you. It’s somewhat part of the process, but that isn’t the only thing. You will learn how to work with your partner on your relationships. You’ll go deep into the root cause of your breakup and start from there. Once that’s fixed and sorted out, I’m sure you’ll be able to get back in each other’s arms. As what I said, this isn’t a quick fix. It’s not manipulative crap that’s gonna put you back into a troubled relationship. It’s a way to make the relationship work and make your partner realize that this time it’s really gonna work. It’s difficult to explain like this, but I’m sure you’ll get my point once you try this.

Got my girl back even if I cheated on her
posted this review on December 8, 2012

The Ex Back Formula has a lot of rocking techniques for reigniting the flame with your lover! This isn’t a paid review, but I want to share my experience with other peeps who are having relationship problems. I kinda cheated on my girl a few months ago, and I really thought I’d never win her back. She told me how much she hated me and asked me to leave her alone forever! I tried calling her, I begged for her to forgive me, I cried like a baby, and I really went crazy without her, but nothing I did worked. I’m glad I decided to have some expert opinion on the matter, and I got this book. I don’t have the resources needed to go to a counselor or whatever, but this is cheap, so I gave it a try. The methods worked! There’s even a personal coaching service included with the program, which makes it even easier. I just followed the instructions, and got my baby back! I also feel that now I understand her better, and our relationship is so much stronger.


I Still Can't Believe the Results I've Been Seeing Already....

I followed the formula after a very painful breakup of a 3 year relationship. The time right after the breakup was one of the most difficult things I've gone through in my life. One day I googled "how to get a boyfriend back" and low and behold Ed’s site showed up. I was actually pretty skeptical but I followed the plan and day by day, things got better. About 3 wks ago, my ex sends me an email asking if we could meet up....since then we've hung out probably 4 times. I'm not at the end of the formula yet, but I still can't believe the results I've been seeing already.


Finally Back With My Girlfriend

I'm finally back with my ex-girlfriend!!!!! We were together for 3 years, broke up for 2.5 months and now we're back together. The thing I really got out of the formula was the unconscious blueprint technique to get my head on straight. I did everything laid out in the book and it actually worked. I'm beside myself!


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