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6 Pack Secret is an exercise/nutrition guide that will help you loose body fat and get the 6 pack abs you've always wanted. Jamin Thompson, the author of the program, says that even though there is no ‘quick fix' for getting that shredded 6-pack abs, there are things that you could do to get there. And you can find them inside the 6 Pack Secret.

The book itself is pretty small; it only has about 120 pages and is full of no-fluff information. You'll learn why traditional methods of doing crunches, sit-ups, and cardio exercises will not help you get the abs that you desire, and why the latest TV-shop abs machine will never work as promised.

Inside the 6 Pack Secret you'll get detail descriptions (together with photos if needed) of some the most effective abs exercises ever created. And if that's not enough, the book also describes the special "Carb Cycling Diet" that will simultaneously burn away your fat and build your muscles.

Jamin Thompson promises that if you follow the advice given inside the 6 Pack Secret e-book you will get the body that you desire. To help you stay on track, the book also gives you various motivational and self-control strategies. Even though these are not highly advertised, they just might be the most valuable part of the whole "6 Pack Secret" system.

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I've already built some muscles in my abdominal area
posted this review on July 22, 2014

The 6 Pack Secret has definitely helped me build some muscles in my abdominal area. I don’t have my dream 6-pack yet, but I’m getting there. I think I just have to take my training more seriously now. Some people spend so much time working on their 6-pack. With this system, I only had to work for a short time, and I already got the results that I want. I am pretty sure this will help me transform my body and my life for the better.

This should be more expensive than it is
posted this review on July 21, 2014

This exercise program should be sold for more than they’re selling it for at this time because it’s so helpful. I didn’t have to go into a gym program anymore. I just followed everything here, and I achieved the results I’ve always wanted. The 6 Pack Secret is one of the greatest investments I’ve ever made for my body. Now I’m thanking my past self for giving this a chance. I’m enjoying a better body now because of that decision.

The best ab program I've seen on the Internet
posted this review on September 21, 2012

I am pretty fit, but my abs just wouldn’t look the way I want it to. I’ve tried many fitness systems, but they do not give enough attention to the abs, which is my main concern as of the moment. This wonderful program is complete with the most rocking ab exercises, how to boost their effectiveness, and the exact diet plan you need to follow to accelerate results. I know a lot of people aren’t into dieting, but it’s still a great addition for people like me who need it. This program will surely be a hit for both newbie fitness enthusiasts and old-timers like me who are unsatisfied with the program they’re using. This is easy to follow and the effects are so quick, so there’s really nothing to lose, with a lot of discipline of course.


There is no going back...

I started this the week of Christmas and everyone thought I was crazy. "Start after x-mas, or after New Years”, they all said. Well there was always an excuse or a holiday that I could easily use as an excuse to not start, but I knew that I could do this because I had Jamin to help me every step of the way. Even with the distance of living in Chicago I had the best support system anyone could ask for. I now have a new outlook on life and in myself. My life has completely changed for the better and there is no going back! Believe in yourself and you can do anything!!

Megan Johnson
Chicago, Illinois

I started this program in August and

...I was 167 pounds with 22% bodyfat. Using mostly the home bodyweight exercises because my work schedule is so crazy, I have been able to lose 27 pounds - all of it fat. My body fat is now 14%. I am truly thankful that I came across your program on the internet.

Ginny McPherson,
Los Angeles, CA

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